A spiritual Journey to Mongolia – To the reindeer Breeders and the Kazakhs tribes

With Orianne Shavit & Shmuel Shaul
7 – 29 August 2017
Just the first part 7 – 21 August 2017


With Orianne Shavit & Shmuel Shaul

7 – 29 August 2017

Just the first part 7 – 21 August 2017

The Reindeer Breeders is a nomads tribe that lives in the northern part of Mongolia near the border with Sibir, they carries a rare beautiful light that exists only there. The Kazakhs tribes, who live in the western part of Mongolia, are also carry authentic light, they are famous for their hunting methods, using eagles for that.

A spiritual journey to those tribes is a unique opportunity to discover these lights and integrate them in the heart and in the soul.

Mongolia is one of the most fascinated placed on earth. Vast and endless space, amazing sceneries, beautiful people who still maintain their authentic nomad life, it is a place that gives the sensation of the primordial creation, it preserves the subtle equilibrium of man and nature. It is the land of the shining diamond.

A spiritual journey is a journey of personal initiation, and in it, each one create a very deep contact with nature, with its energy and spirit.


First Part of the Journey – Touching the Shining light of the Tsaatans

The Mongolian Tsaatans tribes is very unique, the meaning of their name is “those who lives with the reindeer” or “reindeer breeders”, Tsaa is the Mongolian or Uyghur name to describe a reindeer.

Currently living in the Northern and Western taiga of Mongolia, to the North of the Aimag of Khuvsgul, on the borders of Mongolia and Russia, Tsaatans population is composed by some 50 families, divided into two main groups.

The Tsaatan territory is where man and the nature become one, a world where nature takes a step forward towards human, a world where only Tsaatans live in perfect harmony with all the “elements”.


Second Part – exploring west of Mongolia

Western Mongolia is predominantly populated by ethnic groups with Turkish roots, as a result of the invasions of the past centuries and the migration of nomadic ancestors.

These ethnic groups are the Kazakhs, Uriankhai, Tuva, Khoton and Durkhuuds, representing approximately 10% of the population.

It is in this vast region of beautiful scenery that offers the traveler a special encounter with these people, a rare possibility to meet their still-intact cultures, amidst breathtaking landscapes, near the borders of Mongolia, Russia and China.

The trek in this area will be only a pretext to travel between culture, nature and freedom.


This is a spiritual journey which give a deep and unique experience. During the journey we will explore the land in all level, we will combine meditation and working with the energetic and spiritual levels of the places, with the knowledge and guiding of Shmuel which leads spiritual journey for 23 years and Orianne that has very special and unique connection to Mongolia, each one of the participants will pass through a personal initiation and internal process, to have holistic experience of Mongolia in a deep level.


You are most welcome to join us for the all journey – 23 days, but you can also join us just for the first part, the journey to the Reindeer Breeders – 15 days, or to the Kazakhs part 8 days.


Orianne Shavit Orianne Shavit- artist, painter, researching the language of symbols, in art, in the world of nature and in the dream realm.

A student and a teacher of intimacy and the language of the heart.

Vipassana practitioner for 20 years, a traveler and lover of journeys, upon the earth as in the spirit world.

Shmuel Shaul explore and teach the Shamanic Knowledge. He combines the wisdom of the Kabbalah, with the ancient Egyptian the South American knowledge, and develop a unique approach of encounter the multidimensional reality in 4 levels. Together with Isabella Bodino from Italy he open ILA – the international love Academy where he integrates the shamanic knowledge with love and sexual encounter. He leads Spiritual journeys and work with the intelligence of nature for 23 years. He also works at E.O.L radio in Israel.




August 7 – Day 1


Arrival in UB. Our team will welcome you on airport, from there we will drive to the hotel. A few hours to recover a little from the tiredness of the travel, then city tour.

August 8 – Day 2


Departure to the airport. Local flight to Moron and then driving to Khatgal.

Khatgal is a peaceful village, an old town – Some 50 years ago, it was the most important transit port in Mongolia, for imports from Russia. Khatgal is located at the southern part of Lake Khuvsgul.

Overnight in Camp

August 9 – Day 3

Khatgal – Ulaan Uul

A long day on the track, in a breath-taking landscapes, a world between plants and minerals. 4 hours by cars crossing mountains, passes and valleys, before to reach Tomiin Brigad, a tiny hamlet built around the only bridge that allows to cross the Beltes River.

You’ll have another two hours before Ulaan Uul, literally “the red mountain”.

Ulaan Uul it’s very well known for border post – and a splendid view on Khorido Saridag Mountain range.

Overnight in Camp

August 10 – Day 4

Transfer to Tsaagan Nuur

Ulaan Uul marks the beginning of the Darkhad Depression, this area is crossed by several small streams and rivers, which disappear in the steppe and create multiple lakes and lagoons sparkling in the middle of this green wide valley. Another world begins here: The world of “the depths of Mongolia.”

Overnight in Camp

August 11 – Day 5

Departure towards «the end of the world», starting to explore the vast and endless beauty of Mongolia

The first part will be an easy walk or ride on a horse in a wide valley,

This area is used as a winter camp of many families Tsaatan, Zorigo’s family Overnight in Camp

August 12 – 15, Days 6-9

Exploring the land of Tsaatan people.

We will continue to walk or ride till we will arrive to the land of the Reindeer breeders.

We will stay with them, meet their culture, experience their life style, explore the area around and have the opportunity to integrate this unique and fantastic place into our hearts.

Overnights in Camp

August 16 -17, Day 10-11

Certainly with some regret, you will leave this haven of freedom, this world of Tsaatan, and we start our way back towards Tsagaan Nuur.

Overnight in Camp

August 18 – Day 12

Transfer by a car to Ulaan Uul

Overnight in Camp

August 19 - Day 13

Ulaan Uul to Khatgal

Overnight in Camp

August 20 – Day 14

We will drive from Khatgal to Murun and take a flight to Ulaanbaatar

For those who finish the journey after the first part it will be the last evening in Mongolia

Overnight in hotel

August 21 – Day 15

Flight from Ulaanbaatar to Ulgii -Sagsai

We will visit Ulgii’s local museum, which includes a wide range of information regarding the flora and fauna of Bayan Ulgii Aimag, as well as its colorful traditional costumes.

After lunch, you will take the road towards Sagsa, a small village in the middle of vastness.

It is the area where Kazakh and eagle trainer, is located. We will discover this culture which originated from the depths of time. The eaglets are captured in the nest, around the age of 2 months, just before they obtain their adult plumage.

From the moment of their capture, the eagles will be given all the care and attention possible. Only one person has the right to feed it, give it confidence, to build day after day, this link that unites the hunter to his eagle.

August 22 - Day 16

Sagsai – Khurgan and Khoton Lake

Transfer by road to the 2 lakes of Altai Tavan Bogd: the beautiful Khoton Lake, Khurgan Lake

August 23 – 25, Day 17 – 19

Trek in the Altai Mountains.

Beautiful 3 days in the majestic views.

We will reach: Khurgan and Khoton Lake, Baga Turgen waterfall, a stone man dating back to the Turkic age, the 5th century, Baga turgen waterfall, Zagastai River, Biluut’s rock art – a prehistoric ceremonial center.

0ver nights in tents in beautiful spots

August 26 - Day 20

Driving from Biluut to Ulgii and Visiting Dagis’s guest yurt

August 27 – Day 21

Flying from Ulgii to Ulaanbaatar

Overnight in hotel

August 28 – Day 22

Free day in Ulaanbaatar

Overnight in hotel

August 28 – Day 23

International Departure


In Ulaanbaatar we will sleep in hotels

In the rest of the journey we will sleep in tents in beautiful spots in nature

Along the trek there will be always horses for riding, so each participant can choose how much effort to put in walking.



For the entire journey – 4050 Euro

Just for the first part 15 days – 2700 Euro


Price include:

Domestic flights in Mongolia

All transportation

Hotel in Ulan Bator, Ghers or tents in the rest of the journey

Meals (exclude Ulan Bator)

Trekking staff and horses

All sight seeing


Price does not include:

105 Euro for the entire tips or 75 Euro for just the first part

All other thing that are not include in the program

International flight

Visa fee

The Shamanic ceremony


For more information and registration

Please contact:


Telephone and WhatsApp: +972-54-6678998


May all sentient beings be happy

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