A spiritual Journey to Tibet and Mount Kailash

Including the Everest Base Camp
with Shmuel Shaul
15 July to 4 August 2018


In the remote corner of the exotic west of Tibet, the pristine Mount Kailash (6714 meters) dominates the entire region’s landscape. The celestial beauty of Mt. Kailash is not only fascinating, it is also the ultimate pilgrimage destination for Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Bon religions from around the world. For all four religions, Mount Kailash is the spiritual epicenter. Every year, thousands of devotees make the pilgrimage to the holy Mt. Kailash for spiritual purification.

The Tibetan Plato is the heart of Asia, it is the source of all 5 great rivers of Asia, with outstanding views, endless space, extraordinary nature, sacred lakes and the range of the highest mountains in the world, including the Everest the highest of all.

It is the land of the Mahayana Buddhism, and the spirit is presence all over, in monasteries, temples, the earth and most of in the heart of the people.

A spiritual journey to Tibet is a unique experience by all means, a life experience and probably one of the best destination for a pilgrimage.

This is not an ordinary journey but a spiritual one, which give a deep and unique experience. During the journey we will explore the land in all level, we will combine meditation and working with the energetic and spiritual levels of the places, with the knowledge and guiding of Shmuel which leads spiritual journey for 24 years, each one of the participants will pass through a personal initiation and internal process, to have holistic experience of Tibet in a deep level.


Shmuel Shaul explore and teach the Shamanic Knowledge. He combines the wisdom of the Kabbalah, with the ancient Egyptian the South American knowledge, and develop a unique approach of encounter the multidimensional reality in 4 levels. Together with Isabella Bodino from Italy he open ILA – the international love Academy where he integrates the shamanic knowledge with love and sexual encounter. He leads Spiritual journeys and work with the intelligence of nature for



Day 1 at Lhasa (3600 m high):

Upon arrival, our guide and the driver will greet you either at airport or railway station and drive to your respective hotel in Lhasa, stay at hotel for adapting to the high altitude, as it, s good if you don, t push yourself harsh and take it easy. Even if you want to walk out, make it light as it, s your first day in Tibet. And make sure that you drink mineral water more than usual. Try to avoid having alcohol on first three nights in Tibet. Your guide will introduce you the tomorrow, s program. Accommodation in Yak Hotel

Day 2 at Lhasa:

Full day sightseeing of Lhasa, in the morning, you can visit the treasure house Potala Palace- the central attraction of whole Lhasa. It is founded in 7th  century and since then it had been used as a palace of every successive leaders of Tibet. In the afternoon, your guide will lead you to visit the Sera monastery, which was founded in 1419, in 15th  century. It,s the second largest yellow hat lineage monastery in whole Lhasa. if you are hiking enthusiast or don,t show any sign of altitude sickness, ask your guide to lead an hour hiking through the pilgrimage path around the monastery and it,s worth taking chance. While visiting monastery, you will witness the monks doing philosophical debates in the courtyard. Accommodation in Yak Hotel

Day 3 at Lhasa:

Today, we will visit Drepung monastery, it was once the largest yellow hat lineage monastery of whole of Tibet and it was founded in 1416 and one get to see some magnificent statues of buddha which are dated back to 15th century. Even if it was badly affected during the cultural revolution , but still some of the original buildings which are dated back to 15th  century can be seen even today. In the afternoon, your guide shall guide to the Jokhang temple which is situated in the old Tibetan quarter of Lhasa. It was founded in 7TH  century , considered one of the first Buddhist temple ever built up in whole Tibet, founded even before the full fledge Buddhism came to Tibet. Founding this Buddhist temple is a mark of initiating the Buddhism here. After the visit, we advise you to take a circumambulation around the temple, as you can witness some of hundred years old authentic buildings and you will come across hundreds of local pilgrims doing pilgrimage circuit around the temple. If you are interested in shopping, you will be welcomed by souvenir shop owners. You will be escorted to the hotel by our tour guide. Accommodation in Yak Hotel

Day 4 Gyangtse (13467ft high, 260 km) 6-7 hour drive

Today, we drive to Gyantse town where you can find authentic life style of Tibetan people. The journey involves crossing of two high passes Kamba La (15,700 ft) and Karo La (16,500ft) and will drive you through beautiful Yamdrok Tso Lake which is 40 miles long. Yamdrok Tso Lake is one of the four holiest lakes of Tibet and has turquoise green water. As we leave the lakeshore behind, the road climbs to Karo La (16,500ft) pass, where you will make a short stop ,you will discover a huge Mt. Nyechenkangsar (7190mt) capped with huge glacier. The whole journey from Lhasa to Gyangtse takes 7 hours long. Once you arrive the destination, you shall see a huge ancient fortress as well as beautiful Monastery. If time permits, your guide will lead you to visit Palchoe monastery, if not one can do the sightseeing next morning. In short, the whole journey takes you through awesome valley and breath taking panorama. We will check in hotel and relax at Gyangtse town. Accommodation in Yeti Hotel

Day 5 Shigatse(12,785ft high, 90km) 1-2 hour drive

After breakfast, we will visit the Pelkor Chode and Kumbum Monastery-the main highlights of Gyantse City. Kumbum Stupa is the landmark of Gyantse and can be spotted from a long distance. If you are a hiking enthusiast, you may also attempt hiking the historical fortress of Gyantse. View from the fortress over the city is just superb. From Gyantse, it IS less than 2 hours drive to Shigatse, the second largest city of Tibet. The journey will be through native people,s farm land and the region has got the most fertile land in whole central Tibet and it is known as “land of barley”. Once we arrive Shigatse, we check in hotel and later take a relaxing walk through the Shigatse’s Flea market which is a nice bargaining place for Tibetan souvenir. In the afternoon, you will visit the famous Tashi Lhunpo monastery. Accommodation in Gesar Hotel

Day 6 Shigatse- Saga (4060m/15088ft ,400km) 6-7 hour drive

Today,our day starts with driving over friendship highway and indeed we have to prepare for a long day drive, as we drive over couple of medium height passes, while one the way, you will see some lonely nomadic tents , with flock of yaks and sheep roaming on a Tibetan plateau. Moreover, you will witness a lake beautiful although not very famous.

As you drive further, you will see a huge Brahmaputra river from where you may see some Himalayan mountain and will definitely be a panoramic drive all the way to Saga town. Accommodation in 2 STAR Hotel

Day 7 Saga – Manasarovar lake (500 km,4560m|14957ft) 5-6 hour drive

We start little earlier than usual, as today will be the longest drive of your whole trip as we have to cover 500km. On the way, you may see some wild life and of course , since you have become close to India and Nepal ,will definitely see some snow capped Himalayan mountains and vast pasture lands. The trip involves crossing several sandy rivers and couple of vast sand dunes. You shall discover some ancient ruins and meet the highest point that you will be crossing today is big pass called Mayum-la pass(5216m|17108ft) As you arrive Manasarovar lake site, we will have first glance of holy Mt. Kailash. So, we either check in guest house or put the camp near the holy lake Manasarovar. Accommodation in Guest house

Day 8 Manasarovar -Darchen village(30km|4660m15285ft) 1 hour drive

As you get up from your bed, your morning starts with beautiful view of holy Manasarovar lake and the stood still giant snow capped Mt. Gurlamandata (7728mt). It,s refreshing to walk along with the bank of this lake in the morning and right after the breakfast, your guide will lead you on a small hill to visit chiu monastery, from where you can take some outstanding pictures of the lake, Mt.kailash and Mt.gurlamandata . It, s only an hour drive to the next destination, ie Darchen village. Rest of the day, you will stay there to prepare for the following 3 days trek around Mt. Kailash. Accommodation in Guest house

Day 9 trek from Darchen to Drirapuk (4910m|16102ft\18kmtr) 7-8 hour walk

You have to begin your trek from Darchen, we suggest you to leave around 8 am and your trek will be mostly through lha chu valley and along with this river. While doing the trek, you shall come across many local pilgrims , perhaps you may meet pilgrims, circumambulating the whole circuit just by prostration and it takes more than 20 days to complete the whole circumambulation of Mt. Kailash. Moreover, you shall see the Mt. Kailash from different angle. today ,you are destined to stop at Drirapuk, right below the northern face Mt. Kailash,perhaps you can take a beautiful picture of it. If you are still not tired, you do have a option to visit a temple which is built up over a meditation cave, ie Drirapuk temple. Accommodation in Camp

Day 10 trek from Drirapuk to Shupchi Drakdor (4790|15711ft) 7-8 hour walk

Bid farewell to Lha Chu valley and prepare for the toughest part of the whole pilgrimage. You will enter the dolma Chu Valley, heading up towards a high pass, the dolma la(5630mt/18566ft) which is engrossed with full of prayer flags on top of it. This particular pass is the highest point you will cross in your whole trip. As you start descending from pass, you will pass by a small lake which is known to be world, s highest lake. As you climb down Drolma la pass , we will put the camp right the below at the foot of pass where you will find the foot print of Buddha on a boulder . Accommodation in Camp


Day 11 trek to Shupchi Drakdor Zultrul puk,(9km-) 3-5 hour walk

Your trek gets easy as there won, t be much climbing. Then, after few hours of walk, you will reach your destination, Zultrul Puk. Either you spend a night in tent. At your station, you can visit the Zultrul Puk temple as you will have plenty of time. Accommodation in Camp

Day 12 trek to Darchen, (14km-70km)- Thirthapuri  2-3 hour walk

The last day pilgrimage is pretty easier and all you have to do is, walk along with river and after an hour walk, you will have a view of Demon lake which lies quite nearby holy Manasarovar lake. Within 3 hours walk, you will reach your final destination. As you finish your trek, you have to drive 70km further to Thirthapuri site (4300m|14104ft). Since, you are tired and feeling exhausted after all these trek. It will be nice idea to take a shower in the hot spring water. Pay your visit to the Guru Rinpoche Monastery, there you will see a meditation cave in which the founder of the Tibetan Buddhism took meditation in 8th  century. Accommodation in Guest house

Day 13 Thirthapuri-Zanda town 3650mt/11972ft|250km) 3-4 hour drive

This whole drive will be through very dry region , will give you some mesmerizing view of land scape and the mountains around the whole valley . The whole chain of mountain will be something unnatural even if these are natural. Each mountain are around you will depict different shapes of different object. Some of them do have a shape of stupa, some do have a shape of castle etc. you will have the best view as you drive over Jingla pass(5100m/16728ft). I am sure, you won, t stop taking pictures of these magnificent mountains. There in Zanda town, the sun set is quite late and you will have plenty of time to explore the region. Accommodation in 2 STAR  Hotel

Day 14 Zanda(Tholing)

Right after the breakfast, your guide will lead you to visit the famous Tholing Monastery , founded in the middle of 10th  century. The murals or paintings and statues of Buddha which you witness are something exceptional and you may not find such in any other part of Tibet. The whole sightseeing of the monastery takes two hours and you shall have lunch at the town. In the afternoon, you will be driven to Guge kingdom, covering 17 km east of Tholing, Now, its time to explore the ancient Guge kingdom and it,s worthful to climb on the top of the Guge Palace as you will have whole view of Tsaprang Region. There, your guide will show you two different kind of palaces, the winter palace and the summer. Again, the painting in this palace are absolutely different from any other temple in Tibet. Accommodation in 2 STAR Hotel

Day 15 Zanda –Saga 7-8 hour drive

We Retrace our drive back to saga town. Accommodation in 2 STAR Hotel

Day 16 Saga -Old Dingri (4300mt./260km) 4 hour drive

This time, you will be driving over unsurfaced road most of the time and you have to cover 260km to reach your next destination. Today, you will see some of the World,s highest mountain and the following are Mt.Shishabagma(8012mt), Mt.Lhotse(8501mt) , Mt.Cho Oyu(8201mt)and Mt.Everest(8848mt). Moreover, you will see a beautiful lake(Pikutso)on your drive to Old Dingri. Old Dingri is a small village, from where you will have view of some of these mountains from your guest house and you can take a beautiful picture of the sunset and sunrise. Accommodation in Guest house

Day 17 Old Dingri -Rongbuk (4900mt./78km) 3 hour drive

Today, you have to drive over little bumpy road and need to cover 78 km ,you shall see some amazing snow covered Himalayan mountains and within three hours of drive, you will reach Rongbuk monastery , and you do have optional either spend a night in monastery guest house or in a tent guest house. You are now, only 8 km away from Everest Base camp, either you do short trek or take eco bus to the Everest base camp (5200 mt). you can visit the Rongbuk and will have whole day to explore the region. Accommodation in monastery guest house or tent

Day 18 Shigatse (350km/3800mt): 7-8 hour drive

We advise you to leave pretty early, because after covering 50 km ,you will be driving over a very high pass, ie Gya wu la(5150 mt) and on a top of the pass, you will have panoramic view of five different mountains which are above 8000 meter high and these are Mt.everest(8848mt), MtLhotse(8501mt), Mt Makalu(27825ft), Cho Oyu(8201mt) and Mt.Shishabangma(8012mt).This will be a life time opportunity to see all five mountains above 8000 meter high at one time, because there are not many mountains of this height in the world. It will be 7 hours drive to reach Shigatse. Accommodation in Gesar Hotel

Day 19 trip back to Lhasa (280 km) 6-7 hour drive

This time, you will be driving through northern road and the whole driving will be along with famous Brahmaputra river and you shall see some narrow gorges. The whole journey takes 6-7 hour drive. Here we conclude whole Mt. Kailash package and we are confident that you shall return home with so much beautiful memories and spiritual knowledge to share your friends back in your home town. Accommodation in Yak Hotel

Day 20 Departure from Tibet

Our representative and driver will drive you either airport or train station. Ends the trip


PRICE: 3250$

The price does not inckuse the cost of International flight to Lahasa


Price include:

Overnight in Standard hotel in cities and rest by Local basic guest house

Daily breakfast during the tour

All meals during trekking

Transfer by private tourist vehicle

Local Tibetan English speaking guide

All necessary Tibet permits and Travel documents

Entrance fees to the sights listed in the above program only


Price does not include:

100 US Dollar for tips

Expenses incurred due to natural calamities, landslides, adverse weather condition or political upheaval

China visa fees

Health insurance

Expense of personal nature and taking photo and filming fees in the monasteries

Meals during the whole tour apart for the trek

Riding Yaks or Horse during the Kailash trekking for personal


For more information and registration

Please contact:


Telephone: Dorit 972-54-8141520

Or WhatsApp to Shmuel: +972-54-6678998


May all sentient beings be happy

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