To be Free, a spirpitaul journey to Mount Sinai

To the wonderous views of the desert
Full moon and unique ceremony for the Hebrew Passover on top of Mount Catherine

28.3 -3.4 2018
Instructed by Shmuel Shaul


The high mountains of Sinai are one of the holiest places on earth, it is here where Moses climbed to the top of the mountain to receive the 10 commandments. The tradition, the views, the energies make this place an ideal place for a spiritual journey, it is a place where all the doors of heaven are open and it offers endless opportunities.

The desert here is a place of wonder and beauty, tall mountains overlooking the desert, beautiful valleys, hidden pools, deep silent and endless space.

Walking through this mighty desert is a unique experience and a memory for life; it is an excellent space for spiritual initiation and contacting the deep spirit of the life and earth.

For already 23 years, since 1995 we have our personal and unique tradition, to celebrate the Hebrew Passover on the top of Mount Sinai, most people relate to Mount Moses as Mount Sinai, but as no one really know where is the true Mount Sinai, we decided to relate to Mount Catherine, the highest mountain in Sinai and all Egypt (2642m), as our Mount Sinai.

The spiritual meaning of the Hebrew Passover is to be in total freedom, and the belief is that everyone receives in this day the energy, power and love to overcome all obstacles and achieve absolute freedom.

We will climb to the top of Mount Catherine and will perform a unique ceremony in this day with the full moon and breathe taking views

During the journey we will be in the vast desert, space of deep silence, and leave behind the burden and noise of daily life,

In every day of the journey we will work with the energies, spirits and lights of the places. We will pass through a personal initiation path, and contact the different levels of nature.

During the journey we respect the quiet of nature for long periods of time. We sleep outside, under the starry desert skies or in tents, and cook vegetarian meals in field conditions.



Day 1: Arrival from Europe to Sharem–A–Sheik in Egypt or to Elat in Israel which is close to the Egyptian border in Taba. From your point of arrival we will be transfer to village of Saint Catherine, where we will join with camels and local Bedouin staff and enter into the mountains. On the first day we will make a short walk to Harazat el Shag, where we will camp in a beautiful Bedouin Garden-Bustan

Day 2: Full day of preparation before celebrating the Hebrew Passover, during the day we will perform a unique Shamanic Ceremony and will unite ourselves with Mother Earth.

Day 3: in this day we will climb to the top of Mount Catherine. We will perform a unique ceremony and stay overnight on the top of the mountain

Day 4: we will go down through the beautiful Vadi Ajmar to our beautiful Bustan

Day 5: a day rest to enjoy the peaceful desert and the surrounding

Day 6: in this day we will go to the one of the most spectacular places in the mountain, Farsh Abu Machashur, it is hidden place of initiation with great energeis.

Day 7: with some regret we will leave the mountains and go through Vadi Talha back to the Village of Saint Catherine, and from there we will transport you to your international flight


Shmuel Shaul explore and teach the Shamanic Knowledge. He combines the wisdom of the Kabbalah, with the ancient Egyptian the South American knowledge, and develop a unique approach of encounter the multidimensional reality in 4 levels. Together with Isabella Bodino from Italy he open ILA – the international love Academy where he integrates the shamanic knowledge with love and sexual encounter. He leads Spiritual journeys and work with the intelligence of nature for 23 years. He also works at E.O.L radio in Israel.


Price: 715$

The price includes vegetarian food, transportation in Sinai, a local Bedouin guide, Bedouin staff and camel services.

The price does not include international flight, border taxes in Israel and Egypt. Tips for the Bedouin staff will be collected at the end of the trip.


If you r not Israeli the best port is to arrive to Sharem A-Sheik in South Sinai where you will be pick by our staff.


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May all beings be happy

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