Shamanic Initiation – Intensive training

Instructed by Shmuel Shaul
Summer 2020


We invite you to walk in the Shamanic Path according to the approach and teaching of Shmuel Shaul.

This year we opened the path of initiation in Israel and Italia, in Israel we formed a group that took annual seminar, and in Italy we performed 3 weekends in the area of Cuneo.

Now we decided to bring our teaching to the Mountain if Sinai, where part of this teaching comes from, and we offer a week of Intensive training.

The scenery is awesome, wild and pure desert, great mountains, endless space, deep silence, and a real pure space of light and energy.

Our intention in this week is to teach and practice the shamanic techniques and skills in order that each one of the participants will be able to use these skills for a personal benefit and also for the benefit of all, means we want to help you to take part in the Shamanic service and in the future become a Medicine Man/Woman.

Today while speaking about Shamanism most people thinking about Sweat Lodge, journeys with Hayawasca, or about Ceremonies in which people using drams and so on. Yes also this is part of Shamanism, mostly connected to America, but the real Art of the Shaman is much more than this.

The real art of the Shaman is to develop the ability to expand his heart and consciousness and move it through all different levels of creation. This enable the Shaman to create contact with the sources of Love, Life, Creativity and Healing of the universe and brings them into the physical level for the benefit of all being. So we can say that a Shaman is a Medicine Man, Oracle, Light Carrier, Space Holder, a Companion for Souls in their way to be born and in their way back to heaven after death, an Adviser and so …, all are different part of the Shamanic service.

The knowledge that Shmuel brings is very vast and it sources are connected to: the wisdom of the Kabbalah, the Ancient Egyptian knowledge, to South and Central America, and central Asia. The skills that Shmuel teaches are very unique, they do not include using of medicine plants, like Hayawasca or similarities. Shmuel developed a special techniques that enable people to pass through different level of consciousness, staying independent and not depended in external instruments or substances.

In this week we will focus in the following subjects:

Working and activating the light body

  • Develop our dream consciousness
  • Shamanic journeys
  • Passes of consciousness
  • Healing and ceremonies

The seminar will be performed in the great outdoor in a beautiful garden in the middle of the desert.

Weather in this time of the year is suitable, the days are hot, but we will be in altitude of 1,700 meter, and in the shade we will have perfect conditions, and the night will be pleasant and not cold

Shmuel Shaul explores and dedicates most of his time and actions to study and teach Shamanism, he combines the wisdom of the Kabbalah with the Shamanic approach and skill.  He is working with the intelligence of nature and leads spiritual journeys all over the world.

He performs Healing Circles, special and unique ceremonies, for many years he wrote in the Israeli Spiritual Magazine and in the last 12 years broadcasts in the Spiritual Radio – essence of Life in Israel.

Price: will be published soon

The price include:

All transport in the peninsula of Sinai

All meals – food is vegetarian

Sleeping in a Bedouin Garden

The price doesn’t include:

International flight

All other cost like communication and so

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